World’s 1st Blockchain Experience Centre launched in India

~India to lead from front for Blockchain innovation~

Noida, India: World’s 1st Blockchain Experience Center – Blockspace has been launched in Noida. It will become a key driving force for global technology companies working on blockchain to come to India. It is the only space to focus dedicatedly on Blockchain technology, with their incubator program the focus is to support and build great startups and products from India and take it to the global market. The Blockspace also has a Blockchain library for people to read and learn about this technology for free. Soon Blockspace will be opening at international locations such as London, Zurich, Dominican Republic and more!

World’s 1st Blockchain Experience Center launched in India

To bridge the gap between global and Indian pace of growth of companies in new technologies such as Blockchain, EL International Group and Proviar has launched BlockSpace. It will be the go to place for Blockchain related up skilling, consulting, investment and product development. It also offers a co working space for companies working in new technologies. Requests from international companies have started pouring in for the virtual offices service offered by Blockspace. 

The launch was followed by a sessions and discussions by Evan Luthra , Serial Entrepreneur and Investor; Sandro Stephen  India Angel Network; Bibin Babu , Founder Blockspace ; Suresh Mansharmani , Founder Tajurba International and Sam Baisla, Founder NeXel South Africa. People from various parts of the country and industries joined the launch event. Participation from companies like IBM India, GSK, American Express, KPMG, Fortis, HCL, DHL, NTPC, OLA, HDFC Bank and more displayed the interest various industries have in a promising technology such as Blockchain.

Bibin began the discussion by saying that in the last 50 years, while India has grown fast, it has not led a new technology revolution. “The need of the hour is a strong technology plus entrepreneurial ecosystem. While we have a fairly robust entrepreneur ecosystem, we need technology innovation on top of that, which can be achieved through Blockspace,” said Bibin.

On response to question from audience what prompted EL Group to partner is this initiative, Evan said while they already been building tech global products. “The vision is to help create leading solutions, products, developers, entrepreneurs in the Blockchain industry, hence this is a strategic move”.

Explaining how Blockspace can be pivotal Sam said, “The conversation should start from the grassroots level. Corporates and the startups are equally clueless on how to derive value from blockchain. Real value lies in how can whole ecosystem brought together to harness the potential new technologies. Such dedicated spaces are the right place to find these opportunities.”

Emphasizing on the interest of VCs and Investors in blockchain technology, Sandro said, “An initiative as such will give the VCs and investors a right place to look for some apt startups building some revolutionizing products and services and then to invest in them”.

The benefits from this initiative shall be:

  • Students, Entrepreneurs, Executives will be able to learn about Blockchain at Blockspace from international experts.
  • Free library access to 1st Blockchain library In India is a major attraction for the technology community.
  • Government bodies shall be able to use the space for launching new age technology services and also collaborate with international companies.
  • Startups and companies scattered across the country and working on Blockchain will be able to co work from one place and be of support to each other.

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