Want to live life without regrets? Here’s the key!

You have been at the same place for so long and haven’t moved single step towards your ultimate dream. Why? Is it just because you have an illusion that your own past experiences or failures are pointing machine guns at every inch towards your dream.

Always remember, you are much more capable of taking care of your dream than you think. Past experiences or failures are just to make you realize that you are stronger than you believe.

Instead of cursing yourself just feel proud of yourself that you have survived all those difficulties alone and bravely. So, get out of the trap right now, spread your wings and show the world who you really are. Don’t be so worried whether you will make it or not; just give it a try with all that you have because you have been gifted enough by the Universe. So just for the sake of heaven please at least attempt it once again but this time with more energy and passion and without an inch of distraction.

Now you may be thinking about how you would get into that zone (in order to chase your dream) again after a massive failure or unfortunate results that you have faced in the past. As Steve Jobs said, “Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” So just forget about the outcomes; give it all you have into your passion and one day you will definitely make it and in case if you couldn’t make it, at least you will become one in a million who showcased courage to follow heart that is not everyone’s cup of tea. And yes, your age should never act as a barrier.

The protocol for achieving success is nothing at all and this is the most beautiful aspect of following your heart. In this, you just have to do what your heart says you to do, the journey itself becomes so beautiful than the destination when you listen to the voice of your heart. Let’s assume you couldn’t make it but you will become one of the few people who would proudly say, “Yeah!! At least, I tried my level best for my dreams.” You will feel the sense of satisfaction within as compared to the ones who made money throughout their lives but at the end of their life, with the last dying breath instead of feeling proud, they regret not having had the courage to follow their heart. Now, the decision is all yours!!

Universe has given a unique gift to everyone.. just make sure you are worthy of it.

Love yourself. Love life.

Live life to the fullest. 

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