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According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, 12 of the top 15 most improved countries across the globe are developing and emerging markets. These countries have outperformed on almost all major indicators used to gauge the eagerness, willingness and health of a country’s economy to serve as the best destinations for tourists, worldwide.


In this report, 136 countries are ranked on 14 pillars, which are as follows:
Business Environment
Safety and Security
Health and Hygiene
Human Resources and Labour Market
ICT Readiness
Prioritization of Travel & Tourism
International Openness
Price Competitiveness
Environmental Sustainability
Air Transport Infrastracture
Ground and Port Infrastructure
Tourist Service Infrastructure
Natural Resources
Cultural Resources and Business Travel
The powerful theme of this edition, ‘Paving the Way for a More Sustainable and Inclusive Future’, sheds more light on the increasing focus on ensuring the industry’s sustained growth in an uncertain security environment while preserving the natural environment and local communities on which it so richly depends.
In this year’s edition, the countries in the Asia-Pacific region are surprisingly found at different development levels, and the majority of nations have performed really well across a number of T&T competitiveness pillars, such as international openness, with many projects to create visa-free areas, price competitiveness and ICT readiness, among others. It shows positive signs of economic development for different countries across APAC region. While Japan leads the Asia-Pacific region, improving five positions to take the 4th place globally, India is also one of the most improved nations, gaining 12 places to reach the 40th position globally.


Below is the World Economic Forum’s definitive ranking of the 10 countries which scored highest in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017.
1. Spain
Picture Source: Facto Foto/Getty
2. France
Picture Source: National Geographic
3. Germany
Picture Source: Matador Network
4. Japan
Picture Source: Celebrity Cruises
5. UK
Picture Source: Marks & Clerk
6. US
Picture Source: Money Crashers
7. Australia
Picture Source: The New York Times
8. Italy
Picture Source: Tes
9. Canada
Picture Source: Lonely Planet
10. Switzerland
Picture Source: BBC
About Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index


Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index measures “the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector, which in turn, contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country”. The Index enables all stakeholders to work together to improve the industry’s competitiveness in their national economies.
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