Startups can take a leaf out of this unique social media campaign- “Be Like Tom”

New Delhi, India: A lot of startups thrive through social media campaigns to boost their reach, awareness, branding, and direct revenue. More often, they do not have large marketing budgets to spend on advertising unlike established enterprises, but they certainly have the enthusiasm to think and execute something out of the box.

Memes are the heart of social media and spread rapidly from person to person due to a simple fact that they are so relatable and humorous. A lot of startups try to incorporate either trending stuff or humorous content to come up with interesting campaigns. One such startup called ShepHertz, whose product named AppWarp is already popular among game developers, has come up with a really interesting campaign on social media with a series of memes called “Be Like Tom” which has gone viral in the game development community.

Inspired by an Instagram meme handle called “Be Like Bob” this campaign highlights a nerd looking game developer happily churning out games built with AppWarp. Most notable thing about these creatives is the caption that gels with the visuals of Tom building Games.

Reaching approximately around 20,000 people across the world daily, this campaign started off with just one creative for starters and seeing massive response which resulted in surge in traffic, leads and demo queries, three more creatives were pumped in the campaign which has only witness growth and virality in the game development community like no other.

AppWarp, which is a real-time game development platform, offers plethora of ready to use backend tools to game developers so that they can focus on their game logic and design instead of worrying about scalability and connectivity issues. The platform also comes with an on-premise solution which allows developers to work on server side too, if they require a “computer” to play either against users or with them.

New games are being launched every day and their value has only grown over the years so it is no brainer that more and more game developers jump on the bandwagon of launching new games or their version of popular games. It should be noted that along with game development platform, AppWarp also comes with backend APIs such as leaderboards, user management, push notification, etc that are quite useful in games. With so many features and an intelligent & visually appealing campaign has struck a huge cord with game developers across the world.

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