Post Holi Clean-Up! Best clean up guide that you must try

Have you celebrated the most colorful festival- Holi? Yes, of course how could you resist yourself from playing Holi with all the near and dear ones! Okay, so let me guess what all you might have done today.

You might have thrown some water balloons or colored water on people, and played with powder colors or Gulal. Apart from that, you might have visited to your friends’ or relatives’ place and treated yourself with delicious mouth-watering delicacies such as Gujiya, Dahi Bhalla, Thandai, Bhang Pakore, Namak Paare, so and so on. And yes, the best part- you might have rocked the dance floor with great music at Holi Parties or different places where Holi is celebrated at its best. However, there is one thing that majority of the people might or might not have done, do you know what is it? It’s something that your mother has done- cleaning the house once you’re done playing Holi with a lot and a lot more colors.

We often forget that after playing Holi, it’s not just our skin or body that requires proper clean up but our home also demands the same. Once you’re done playing, you wash off your skin and hairs with a lot of water, soap and shampoo, then gently moisturize you skin to keep that hydrated. Amidst all the cleaning of our skin, we usually avoid that our mothers- who might not have played with colors a lot, and even remained busy while serving us yummy food- clean up the house all alone. And, she doesn’t even ask you to help her out as she wants you to enjoy your life and festivals to the fullest.    
“What about her?” It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy or play Holi- she really does so. However, the picture changes when you’re full of colors and so much tired of playing Holi that all you want to do is ‘sleep’. You clean up yourself properly, have delicious food and eventually go to sleep or something you love doing to keep yourself entertained or relaxed. And, your mother does rest of the household chores, ‘as usual’.
Why can’t we help her? We can clean up our skin right, then why can’t we clean up our home as well? This Holi all ‘The Motiverge’ wants is to bring a change- this time for the ‘queen of our home’. Help your mother as she is not just solely responsible for all the household work. Sharing her burden will allow her to rejuvenate and find a little time for herself.
If you already do so, it’s great but if you don’t, then take a step ahead and at least try to please her for her sake. Play, enjoy, love, laugh, entertain and get entertained but always try your level best to keep your ‘lifeline’ happy and calm.

Feel proud to share this. 

Wish you all a very Happy Holi!

-Chirag Manocha

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