Must Read: Woman who lived without Vagina and Uterus for 21 years now underwent rare reconstructive surgery!

How sad or depressed are you from your life?  Looking for the reasons to live but still unable to find one? Well, this story might teach you that happiness exists within. The moment you tie your happiness to anyone or anything or outcomes and experiences you give your super powers away. Can you imagine, this girl lived 21 years without vagina; now she got the artificial one after the successful surgery. Please read the full inspiring story of this super girl. 
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Doctors at a private hospital in Kerala have successfully reconstructed the uterus and vagina of a 22-year-old woman from Thrissur, who was born without uterus and vagina. According to sources, the surgery was performed three months ago at Little Flower Hospital in Angamaly and a follow-up showed that the procedure (reconstruction laparoscopy surgery) was a success.

After confirming the gender through chromosomal analysis Dr. Urmila Soman, consultant gynaecologic laparoscopic surgeon at Little Flower Hospital who had led the successful surgery said the woman has a patent vagina and can lead a healthy sexual life.

She was diagnosed with the rare condition at the age of 13 and for around 10 years, she had been undergoing alternative medicine therapies. It was after her marriage that she decided to seek surgical reconstruction.

Commenting on the success of surgery, Dr. Soman said in a statement, “In the absence of the uterus, there was no menstruation. However, the woman can now get the happiness of being a mother by artificial reproductive therapies using surrogacy. The construction of vagina will help her lead a normal sexual life”.

Dr. Soman was assisted in the procedure called laparoscopic neovaginoplasty by Dr. Jesna K.A, Dr. T.V Joy, and Dr. Surya.

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