Must Read: Shocking incidences that will make you believe Music has the Power to tackle Death!

According to Plato, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Well, initially it was hard to believe for me that music has a cure for everything. However, when I got to know these incidences, I was seriously amazed and now, I truly believe in the power of music.

As reported by a Chinese newspaper, 24-year-old Chinese woman woke up from the coma after hearing pop songs by Taiwanese singer Jay Chou. After suffering a brain dysfunction due to lack of oxygen, she had reportedly been in the coma since November 2017. The nurse who played the song said, “I listened to chou’s songs growing up, so I thought maybe she would also like them”.

The similar incidence happened in the year 2016 when a Soccer fan Tony Kemp, 59, suffered a mini-stroke caused by an aneurysm in the frontal lobe. His wife Danna was told to be prepared for the worst when the father of three, from Plymouth, Devon, was in surgery for eighteen hours then left in a coma. As the deadline for turning off life-support approached Devoted Danna sat by her husband’s side for two days, just for the last try, she played some Plymouth Argyle football chants on her iPod.

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I got a call from the surgeon, he asked me to go and speak to him and my first thought was ‘he’s gone’. We went into ICU and we were told that if he didn’t show any positive signs then his life support would be turned off in 48 hours, said Danna. We tried talking to him, squeezing his hand and playing his favorite music, but there was nothing. I brought the kids up to see him. We then played some Argyle chants and suddenly he opened his eyes, she added.

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A devout supporter of Plymouth Argyle FC, Tony owns all the kits and attended every match of Plymouth Argyle FC, he could but was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm after feeling unwell.

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We (the whole family) are very much relieved now as Tony has continued to make a miraculous recovery. Self-employed Danna said: ‘He is now walking and going to the shop independently, only concern we have now is that his memory is not as how it used to be. He can’t remember certain things and some memories come back jumbled.’

Image Courtesy: SWNS
Now, she has organized a charity event to repay two charities that stepped in to help when Tony was hospitalized, Headway, and Plymouth Argyle’s Green Taverners.

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