If you are planning of building a startup, ask yourself these questions first, “Why do you want to build a startup? What would be your products/services? How will you be able to deliver quality products or services? What would be investment sources for your startup? How will you make a move ahead? Do you have a backup?  Will you be able to attract and pay talented manpower to help grow your business? What about infrastructure and technology requirements? Who all are your existing competitors in the marketplace? What is the market size? Who all are your target customers? What would be your USP? What are your future goals?” and so on.
Before you startup, you must be confident enough to mark a new journey of your life, and here we present the Prerequisites for a startup at initial stage.
Good idea
Startup founders must generate a “good idea” after a lot of brainstorming and refusing bad ideas. Make a list of all such ideas running through your mind. Ideas lay the foundation stones of any successful startup, and thus it becomes imperative to put a chunk of your efforts in order to come up with “a unique idea or an idea that can be implemented in a unique way”.
Effective Planning and Management of Manpower and Resources
Planning is the most important part in terms of setting right objective with right set of skilled talent and adequate resource management. Proper planning is always required to fuel your idea and eventually prepare a good detailed and practical Action Plan.
Skilled and talented manpower is all what you need to make your idea turn into business. A startup founder must be able to find and reach out to the interested and dynamic talent that helps the startup to grow exponentially and reach various milestones. Apart from that, a startup can’t really afford uninterested or careless employees as human resource hold the power to make or even break a startup. So, determine your strategy while recruiting the right talent that best fits your startup needs.


When it comes to resource management, a startup must understand its technology infrastructure requirements and should not compromise with its data security by adopting digital and secure enterprise technology platforms. It becomes important for startups to store, access, manage, and share confidential data at right platforms provided by reliable and niche technology industry players.
Automation of business processes and effective talent management can nurture a startup while paving new ways for business development and raising funds.
Business Model and Marketing Strategies
In order to stay ahead of the curve, startups must adopt robust digital business models in order to become technologically advanced. The top-level executives of a startup must ensure that they have adequate technology infrastructure to support their business operations in order to increase efficiency and productivity. Also, technology empowers manpower and eventually results in faster results with more accuracy.
A successful startup marketing strategy should always be highly specific in terms of its approach to reach target customers and target market. At present, media including social media platforms, Public Relations, Advertisements, so and so forth play an important role in highlighting the developments of startups and retaining their customers while building credibility.
Fund Raising
Raising investments is the most crucial part for every startup as capital is the key to make your business reach the next level and grow in leaps and bounds. For a startup founder, it is one of the most difficult tasks to find, pitch, attract, influence and convince the right investor to seal the final deal.
Be that angel/private investor or startup capital ventures- it will be a win-win situation for all. However, after raising funds, a startup must be able to deliver quality products or services to its customers in order to generate sufficient revenue to withhold the business, conserve cash flow and maximize profits. Be careful and keep a sound knowledge of the market size and key trends that affect the market as well as the whole economy.
Market analysis
Market analysis is very crucial for startups in order to streamline various business processes and to remain competitive. Startups must drive the innovation and embrace technology to create new products and services that best meet the needs of present-day digitally-driven marketplace and customers.
Work hard to achieve the desired goals


Go on, don’t stop, face all the challenges with confidence, work for your goals and have faith in yourself and in your ideas.

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