Must Read: Here’s How to Live Life to the Fullest Without Regrets!

Are you worried about your future? Your past still haunts you? Things are not going according to you no matter what you do? Are you tired of trying new things, but nothing is working for you? Let me ask you one question, as many of you are dreaming right now to work for the best firms across the globe after studies, having a family, house, in short, you are dreaming for a wonderful life after studies.  It’s completely all right as you are paying so much for the studies, sacrifice living away from your home so there are always some expectations after that but what if it won’t happen to you? What if you will face failure in your last semester exam?  And there are so many questions around you that may disappoint you and eventually will make you feel depressed.

There is a little advice for all of you out there that everything happens for a reason, and that too at the right time. Give your best all the time, this is something that you can do right now, rest is not in your control. There are so many examples around you who aren’t even graduated but making money more than the graduated ones, even the ones with higher studies or degrees are working under them. Everything will work out for us when our time is right. Just for once look around you, you will find people are not happy, but they are pretending to be one. However, you know the value of true happiness and you are tired of showing off that side in which you are not. Here are few tips from our side, Hope, it will help you.

Nourish the younger you

Remember those days when you were small and had the dream of becoming big, powerful like any superhero. What happened when you grew up? Have you lost the spark inside you or you assume that in this cruel world, you need to do something that everyone is doing for the sake of living? Are you satisfied now or still dying from inside?  Your younger version is far better than your older one as there was no race to do better in life, only purity was there that allowed you to expand your wings but now you are trying to cut it down for some nonsense reasons. Please do something that you love for the child inside you; who is constantly screaming for the justice for his/her dream. Just feel the little child inside you who has big dreams and doesn’t care about this cruel world, a child loves you so much and you are the only medium for that child towards his dreams. Please for heaven’s sake, don’t kill the child inside you, nourish him/her with all you have. The world will seem to you a better place when you look through his/her eyes. We assure you that half of your worries will automatically vanish once you start living for the child inside you. You only get this life once, make it happen.

Don’t lose your loved ones

When we have someone special in our lives, we assume that we have a ton of time together and you start taking that person for granted. You need to understand that time is priceless once it lost you can never get it back and it only leaves you with regrets that are even more dangerous than death. Your loved ones are more valuable than the things you have been after, you may get all the luxuries in life but what are the luxuries for when you are left with no one around. If you love someone, love with all that you have and always try to make that person feel special. Don’t always get involved in negative thinking like “wish it would have been like this, I could have found someone better”. If you have these sorts of questions in your mind, you are acting like a coward. If you are getting love, then you are the luckiest soul ever born on this planet. Don’t lose it for the materialistic things or luxuries. Someone of us doesn’t recognize how important someone is to us until they are gone. Please for God’s sake, never lose your loved ones because once they leave, they never come back and when you realize the value of them, it’s too late for you.

Listen to your heart

Always go for what your heart wants, real happiness comes after we follow our heart that knows our true purpose or happiness. Your heart feels your passion for your goals and not your mind. Your passion makes you happy and when you use it for others, that feeling is incomprehensible. This is what your soul has been looking for, a true purpose not money. You can take fish out of the water and give it a beautiful mansion and a Bentley and all the luxuries in the world, but it would die. As Steve Jobs said, “Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. We all are well aware of the fact that time flies, but we are unaware that we are the pilots. Follow your heart, no matter what. Rest is up to you!!

Fall in love with your life

Create a life so beautiful and inspiring that you have ever imagined and that motivates other to do better in life. Fall so madly and deeply in love with your life, that it doesn’t matter who joins you or who walks away, because your happiness isn’t supposed to tie any one person or any one thing. Once you find your true purpose in life then it doesn’t matter for you who joins you and left you as you are busy in creating the masterpiece of your life.

Exercise regularly

By doing exercise regularly in the morning you feel more energized throughout the day ahead. Exercise doesn’t mean lifting heavy weights in the gym; exercise for your health, energy, soul and for your dream. Go for a brisk walk, do some push-ups, do some yoga as physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. By doing exercise regularly, you will start noticing the positive change in your appearance, which can boost your confidence and improve your self-confidence.

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