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India is slowly transformed into a tech country where individuals are now preferring internet and mobile platform more than anything. According to one report of NASSCOM’s, the internet users in India will witness a two – fold rise at 730 billion by 2020 and are expected to take amazing leap towards internet accessibility. However, the case is not the same for rural areas for which initiatives like Digital India have been introduced by Government of India.

An Indian laborer carries a stack of bricks on his back in New Delhi, India, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013. India’s economic growth slowed to 4.4 percent in the April-June quarter and the Indian rupee has lost more than 20 percent of its value since May. (AP Photo/Tsering Topgyal)

Next Billion

Next billion is referring to masses or to the section of the economy where population is higher or highest i.e. the Bottom of Economic Pyramid (BoP) where people with the least income and wealth comes into. In India, people living on an annual household income of less than 2,00,000 INR belong to BoP which means 5 out 6 people earn monthly household income of less than 16,667 INR. In 2005, over 1 billion people belong to BoP. This figure was projected to decrease by 2015 to 997 million i.e. a matter of concern as almost 80% population of India belong to BoP, who can’t even afford the basic amenities of life.

Most of the people belonging to BoP take up blue collar jobs like auto-driver; barber, carpenter, plumber etc. i.e. career in underdeveloped informal sector of India. This sector has remained under-served till now which is why such people in this sector fail to grow in their careers or even start a career (or switch a job). However, Government of India has been trying to improve the situation by introducing many initiatives like Make in India, Skill India, and Digital India etc.

Traditional solutions like placement agencies and middlemen overcharge them with a high sum of money, usually a month’s salary to get them placed. Also, these solutions are time consuming and sometimes ineffective too as a jobseeker has to wait for months to get placed. Modern solutions like job boards or job searching mobile apps are, less in number and, not able to improve the situation for them as they follow the practices of traditional agencies and dalals.

Just Jobs

What these people belonging to BoP need is a digital platform which is easy to use, cheap and creates direct connection between an employer and a jobseeker. Just Jobs is created considering all these points. It is exclusively designed for blue collar jobs sector in India to empower the people belonging to the BoP by connecting skill with opportunity.

Just Jobs: generating new driver jobs

They have invested heavily in the UX of it to provide the best experience and results to the users. It is completely free for jobseekers including the jobseeker mobile app along with which it is the first platform that looks to create direct connection between an employer and a jobseeker eradicating the need of a middlemen from the process.

Some other features:

  • OTP Signup/Login – Considering the jobseekers, it offers them OTP signup and login which means no login id or password is required.
  • Forever Free – Yes, they offer all services to the jobseekers absolutely for free.
  • Verified Jobs and Employers – They ensure no fake or bogus jobs or employers get posted/registered on the platform.
  • Smart Search Filters – Their job search filters makes pretty easier for a jobseeker to search local and verified jobs near his/her place.
  • Free Job Alerts – Regular job alerts are also sent to jobseekers in SMS and Email.
  • Mobile App – Yes, jobseekers can search for a job on the go from their mobiles anytime from anywhere through their mobile app.
  • No Language Barrier – Soon Just Jobs will be launched in Hindi and other regional languages as well to make it easier for jobseekers to use our services.

We understand the pain of people belonging to BoP and the situation can only be improved by connecting them with better opportunities and that’s what our goal is.


Kishore Beniwal, CEO @JustDotJobs & @XoxoTours

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The article is authored by Kishore Beniwal, CEO @JustDotJobs ​& @XoxoTours.

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