Interview: Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks- platform designed for inspiring stories

Backed by the Delhi Government, Creating Talks is a platform that helps people strike conversations-from inspirational to knowledge-sharing talks. These could be online, or offline, in a group, or one person speaking with a large audience. Conversations revolve around topical issues and help participants enrich their information bank with experts’ experiences.

As a final year student at Delhi Technological University, Eklovey Verma started Creating Talks in 2017. He had led the core team that organised an event at IIT Delhi, where eminent public figures spoke and shared their experiences with the audience. The event received positive response from the participants, and was the inspiration for Creating Talks. Later on, Eklovey roped in his friend IBS Gurugram alum Tanmay Kandpal.

“For me, Motivation is keep going in one direction without thinking of any failure or negative thoughts with our full energy and desire to achieve whatever you want.”- Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks

Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks

In an exclusive email interaction with The Motiverge; Eklovey Verma, Founder, Creating Talks tells more about the venture, journey so far, and future plans.


The Motiverge: Tell us more about Creating Talks.

Eklovey Verma: We at Creating Talks have a strong belief that there is no better teacher than experience and have also noticed that listening to somebody’s stories of trial and perseverance helps us to view our problems from a different perspective. We are on a mission to provide our youth with the treasure of experiential learning from Experts.

Creating Talks is a platform where public figures joined us for sharing their experiences, knowledge and insights about their life or on the specific topic with our audience offline as well as online.

The Motiverge: What was the biggest turning point in your life that changed your mind to become an entrepreneur?

Eklovey Verma: From school days, entrepreneurship excites me due to the fact that being an entrepreneur, I can impact more people by solving many existing needs or problems.

Other Reasons:

  • Creativity is not recommended for MNC’s.
  • Our lifestyle isn’t bound to 8 Hours Job.
  • Our ideas are unconventional.
  • Vision to change the world
  • What motivated you all to launch Creating Talks?
  • Power of Stories
  • Learning from someone’s experiences
  • To get experiences from someone else without putting yourself in hot water
  • India needs some of its own product like TED/TEDx

The Motiverge: How big is your team?

Eklovey Verma: We are a team of 8 to 10 people.

The team at Creating Talks

The Motiverge: How has been the journey so far in terms of resources, challenges faced, market response, etc.?

Eklovey Verma: Zig Ziglar famous author said “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

Issues related to resources, challenges, negative market response is only fear of losing and failing. Actually everything is experience. As my company believes in power of experiences we are taking everything in a positive manner while moving towards our goals

Otherwise, after recent funding we are able to acquire all beneficial resources, explaning people about our product especially to our loved one is an everyday challenge :p and market response till now is phenomenal from our speakers as well as from our audience.

The Motiverge: Who are major competitors of Creating Talks in India as well as globally? What makes you different from your competition?

Eklovey Verma: We find TED Talks or TEDx as our competitor in India as well as globally, still we are learning from them and making our place in this domain with few of our USP’s.

The Motiverge: What are the business opportunities in your sector, especially in the APAC region?

Eklovey Verma: It’s huge opportunity for us in Asia-Pacific Region, rest we are focusing to India only for coming two years.

In term of stats, there were more 250+ TEDx Events organised in India every year.

The Motiverge: Have you raised funds so far? Where do you see Creating Talks in coming 3 to 5 years?

Eklovey Verma: Yes, we got undisclosed amount of funding from Delhi Government recently.

We didn’t believe in setting business oriented target, but yeah we wish to be recognised as Brand in our domain in coming 3 years. And would to contribute as much as we can for youth of India.

The Motiverge: What keeps you going? How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Eklovey Verma: Zeal to learn, experience and go through new challenges excites me to keep going every day.

Balancing work life helps me due to my nature, I am the man of relationships, so I have crystal clear relationship with people at my work and people at my normal life that helps me a lot keep balance between both.

The Motiverge: What’s your definition of Motivation?

Eklovey Verma: For me, Motivation is keep going in one direction without thinking of any failure or negative thoughts with our full energy and desire to achieve whatever you want.

The Motiverge: What are your messages for aspiring entrepreneurs/young generation?

Eklovey Verma: 

  • Challenge yourself every day
  • Believe in yourself
  • Find good Team
  • Trust your team
  • Must have vision
  • Take Risks
  • Don’t escape from Innovating and Hard work

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