Here are a few things you’re actually doing wrong in your everyday life, that may cause you to death! Must Read and Rest is up to You!

It’s not gravity holding you to this planet; it’s your passion, love, revenge or it could be something that’s always on your mind. In the modern era, we are very much worried, stressed or uncertain about our future and constantly looking out for different ways to accomplish our goals. Every time on our phones or laptops or tabs, we keep Googling out to update our knowledge. Being constantly in touch with friends on phones has become so much important to us; even our fingers also got some muscles. Keeping phones aside for some time is like trying to get blood from a stone. Constantly doing things on our phone even while charging has become a new trend nowadays! Am I right? Not intentionally but we have no control over this. You really need to know what would happen when the time is not right for you. We just need some separation from our devices. Believe me, we are going astray and badly need to redirect. Does that make you think I am mad, all of a sudden? No worries, keep on reading, you will find it helpful.

On April 10, 2018 a 12-year-old boy from Chhattisgarh’s Koriya district (India) died after his cell phone exploded in his hands. This terrifying incident took place when the victim, identified as Ravi Sonwan, was playing video games on the cell phone while charging it simultaneously. Along with him, one of his friends was also injured in the incident. The incident was so horrible that Sonwan’s intestines had started to spill out due to the explosion. According to reports, the family members had tied a cloth around him to keep the intestines in.
Afterward, both the children were rushed to a local community center and then later shifted to Ambikapur hospital. However, Sonwan’s deteriorating vital signs prompted the doctors to shift the boy to a district hospital. Sonwan went through multiple surgeries, however, he was later declared dead.

In a similar incident, due to the explosion of phone an 18-year-old girl (identified as Uma Oram from Kherianki village in Orissa, India) had died while she was talking on the phone and charging it simultaneously in Odisha.

Recently in Tamil Nadu’s Chennai, India a 46-year-old woman fell asleep with her headphones plugged in and was electrocuted to death. The doctor declared her dead-on arrival.

These are just some of the recent cases which we wanted to share with you in order to make you aware of the few things you’re actually doing wrong in your everyday life, that may cause you to death. Stop keep pretending that this isn’t dangerous for you; rest is up to you, my friend!! Not all have the restraint to do that, but I know you have.

Be Careful. Live Love to the Fullest. 

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