Embrace your life and cherish the moments of true happiness

In your childhood, unalloyed happiness happened to be your best friend. Now it’s the exact opposite, alloyed happiness is the new criterion for the living; it’s killing you from inside. It’s time for the little child inside you to show up again. You strongly claim that you love your life so much, “Do you think you really do so?” I mean at every step, you somehow have to show the fake side of yours irrespective of your mood or situation. You just can’t be yourself either you want to be or not. I don’t know what you are looking for in life; it might be money, security or luxuries.  You have been tracking down the opportunities of making money since you stepped into the adulthood while losing your real happiness in the process and your loved ones.

What about the real happiness? Have you planned it in your forties? Playing with the child instead of going to the pubs with the associates; talking to your parents in difficult times instead of having alcohol, enjoying long walk or long drive with your better half instead of cursing your situation all the time; calling your friends for treat instead of going to the fancy restaurants with the fake ones just to impress them. These things will get lost will time, your parents may no longer be alive in your forties; your children may not need you; your life partner may be not interested in going out with you because you took him/her for granted when they truly needed you; your friends may no longer be your friends because they tried a lot to connect with you, but you didn’t. Please go after the real happiness and surround yourself with the ones who truly care for you rather than the ones who will diminish with time. Embrace the real things the Universe has given to you and enjoy your life completely.

As Bob Marley said, “Don’t gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.

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