Do you know the best time to bite the right Energy Bars?


With the growing demands for nutritious energy bars and healthy eating habits have made the energy bars a part of our lifestyle and they come in a wide array of flavors. At times, energy bars are more convenient fruits or other high-energy snacks but at the same time nutritional supplements should never take the place of whole foods in your diet.
Energy bars are used to provide quick energy as a meal replacer, pre- or post-workout treat, afternoon snack, or protein source, but it is always preferred to choose the energy bar with the shortest and most comprehensible ingredient list. Choosing the appropriate energy bars for specific purpose can vary from time to time. Some people are confused about when they should eat their protein bars. To shed more light on this topic, below are some specific guidelines about the best times to eat your energy bar.
Breakfast Alternative
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the key to a healthy breakfast is a protein rich food. A bar can be an acceptable choice if you are in a rush. Rather than skipping your breakfast altogether, grab a protein bar to eat on your way to work or school. Try combining your breakfast with something more substantial which would help you keep going until lunchtime.
Healthy Snack
Unhealthy fried and high calorie snacks, a low glycemic index bar which is rich in high fibre can help stave off hunger and get you through to your next meal. When you are hungry, it becomes very hard to make healthy food choices. Much on a protein bar as it makes a perfectly healthy snack.
Workout Time
If you need extra energy for a workout but do not have time to make something to eat, a protein bar a few hours before you train could be of great benefit. It helps you to work out longer and harder as compared to on an empty stomach. However, it is advisable to eat energy bars if you are working out for a long time, as they aren’t for recreational sports.
Once you have finished your workout, your body is crying out for protein. Exercises cause the muscles to breakdown. As soon as you provide your muscles with protein, the sooner they will start the repair process. Keep a protein bar in your gym bag so you can eat it immediately after you finish your workout.
As a meal replacement
Meal replacement involves replacing a regular meal with lower-calorie alternative. However, it should not be done occasionally while choosing bars with at least 10 to 15 g of protein. Protein bars contain fiber and healthy fats, and also provide vitamins and minerals.
Manage your sugar cravings
Healthy protein bars taste like candy and contain very little sugar. They are also much healthier than candy and more filling too. This is the ideal way to indulge your sugar cravings into a healthy diet. Keep a protein bar in your car, and desk at work so you never reach for a candy bar again!
Hungry at Workplace?
If you’re not able to find break to eat at work, supplements can be handy. Keep a couple of bars in your desk at work so you always have a protein rich snack and aren’t tempted to turn to junk food when you start feeling hungry.


Energy bars might sound like a convenient snack, but they should not be tripping over your nutritional requirements. Though they are a better choice when it comes to gorging on a bag of chips or candy, but avoid overdoing them.

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