Battling Anxiety and Stress: Eight out of every 10 unable to mentally switch off from work

India: Hush, an employee-focused HR tech platform, announced the findings of ‘India Employee Survey’ with 3000 employees revealed that nearly eight out of every 10 Indian employees feel difficult to switch off from work in their personal time, putting them at a risk of becoming stressed. Even when it comes to their personal life, 91% of employees feel that their personal life gets affected due to stress at workplace.

The survey was conducted with employees from IT, manufacturing, financial sector and startups such as TCS, Wipro, Accenture, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Flipkart etc across Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai.

Job Stability of respondents

Of these respondents, only 20% of these employees have been with their current employer for more than 4 years, and only 23% have been there for less than a year. More than 80% Indian employees are feeling overworked at their current workplaces. 46% of them have said that they want to switch jobs due to being overworked and stressed.

Ashutosh Dabral, Co-founder & CEO, Hush said, “A collective measure should be taken to shelp employees cope up with stress at workplace. This is an invisible plague and hurts the health of an employee and the workplace at large. Feedback mechanisms and systems counter stress and help employees pace at work, in our opinion”


Salary issues


Unrealistic work expectations


Politics and peer pressure


Bullying, harassment, and discrimination


Why are employees stressed?

More than 90% of employees have also said that normally for them work stretches beyond a 5 day week, therefore, they are usually working overtime in their current companies. 25% of employees have said that less salary is one of the prime reason why they feel stressed at the office, closely followed by unrealistic work expectations. 20% have said that politics and peer pressure are equally stressful, whereas 8% feel that bullying, harassment, and discrimination is their biggest problem.

How are they tackling stress?

When it comes to tackling stress at work, only 1% of employees feel that stress management workshops help them manage stress. 30% feel that immediate stress can be relieved with frequent tea and smoke breaks. 35% of employees also feel that partying and short vacation with friends are a good way of relieving stress. 15% of employees have said that venting out with their colleagues during office hours is the best stress buster.

Effects of stress

  • Work-life balance and productivity

87% of these employees across banking, financial and startups have said higher work related stress makes it difficult to have a workplace culture that kept work and home life separate.  Almost 49% of these employees get no time or less than 1 hour in a day to spend with family and friends. Even when it comes to productivity, 22% feel that their productivity has become low because of being overworked.

  • Health issues

Only 9% of employees have said that stress at the workplace is not affecting their personal lives, which is a clear reflection of the mental health of maximum Indians today. 23% have said they lose their temper very easily and 22% have said that they feel tired all the time. Mental health issues such as depression have also been experienced by half of Indian employees due to stress. Around 30% of employees do not find time for any leisure activities every day, this can also be termed as one of the big reasons behind obesity and back problems experienced by corporate employees day in and out.

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