80 years ago, 5 year-old-girl became the youngest to give birth. When, How and Where? Read her full story here!

When 5-year-old Lina Medina’s stomach began growing, her mother got worried and consulted to doctors. They (doctors) were certain that she was suffering from a large tumor as she was only five years old, after all. But after running tests they were shocked when they found that she was seven months pregnant and weeks later on May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy by a cesarean delivery as her young pelvis was considered too small for a natural birth.
5-year-old Lina Medina, holding her newborn baby, Gerardo | Image Courtesy: thesun.co.uk

She (Lina Medina) was born in a small village in the Andes in Peru to a poor family in 1933.

Her baby was born at a healthy 6 pounds and the baby was named Gerardo in the honor of the doctor who made this delivery successful.  When Gerardo was born, the doctor discovered that despite being 5 years old, she (Lina Medina) had mature sexual organs and suffered from a condition called precocious puberty. It has been almost 80 years on; Lina is still the youngest person in the world to have ever given birth.

Image Courtesy: thesun.co

It was believed her father had committed incest with his daughter and for that he was arrested but later he was released by police due to a lack of evidence, and to this day, the true identity of the father has never been revealed.

Growing up, Gerardo always believed Lina was his sister, but at the age of 10 was told that she was his mother. Gerardo grew up healthy but due to bone disease, she died at the age of 40 in 1979.

Lina who has never spoken about the pregnancy is still alive at 85. She married husband Raul in the 1970s, and later she gave birth to her second son.

Her case has often been considered as a hoax, but doctors say they have X-rays and biopsies that clearly prove that she was really pregnant at the age of 5.

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