1. Every night, you end up saying, “Tomorrow I’ll be leaving early from home” and every morning, you’re like, “Okay, I am late again.”


2. No matter how much you Speed up your routine and get out the door, the Rate of Change of the Distance between the Tips of Clock Hands is always directly proportional to the Speed at which you get ready. (Well, it always seems like that!)


3. Life seems to revolve around travelling, travelling and even more travelling.


4. Even if you love travelling, you start feeling like, “Okay, stop pretending as if you love travelling, coz now you really don’t!”


5. You always keep on thinking, “Have I not been spending half of my life commuting, I would have been enjoying lot of spare time while doing everything I would enjoy.”


6. When you leave from your workplace, it’s not the happiness of going home, but the laziness that holds you back to travel too far. (However, you’ve to go back to your own place anyhow.)


7. Public transport always makes you remember the “Sanjay Dutt Smile” from Agneepath movie.
8. When you get a little fed up with reading books and listening to music while commuting- suddenly, everything ends.


9. As you commute, when you coincidentally meet someone whom you really avoid for no or many reasons, you’re like, “No, please I really don’t want to recognize you”.
10. For all of those who drive to work, just one word, “SALUTE”. After all, sitting idle for long hours, looking at red light, meeting ‘Ready-to-fight’ people, enjoying radio traffic alerts and finally reaching your workplace by spending a lot of money on petrol, is not everyone’s cup of  tea! 😀
11. If you have friends or family gatherings, either you have to take a full-day off from work or else start preparing yourself to arrive very late at the event. (You’re very busy yeah!)


12. Sunday means no travelling, but somehow you have to.
13. If you fall sick at work, you’d rather sit at office than going back to home all the way.
14. And, if you don’t stay at your own home, situation is even worse for you.



15. Still whenever you get time for yourself, and your dear ones, you create wonderful memories! Cheers!

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