10 reasons why taking self-defense classes are of paramount importance for everyone

It feels better after knowing that you can take care of yourself mentally, financially, and physically. However, for a lot of people out there, the physical part is just exercise. Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confidence booster and it gives you the reassurance which can only be gained through any form of self-defense classes. Nowadays, when we hear about self-defense classes, we generally get an image of women and children. However, self-defense classes (and practices such as karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu, etc), are for everyone (women, men or children).

Let’s talk about the 10 reasons why taking self-defense classes are of paramount importance for everyone.

1. It builds confidence

One of the biggest advantages of taking self-defense classes is that it makes you feel confident. A lot of people are really anxious about their abilities to protect themselves and this can be due to our very own personal experiences, as well as events happening around us. We usually hear a lot about the negativity and crime in our society, and this can leave us feeling unprotected.

Self-defense classes will build confidence in to protect our self in every unfavorable condition.  If someone bullies you, then it is also a great way to protect yourself and ultimately grow confidence in yourself; we can say that self-defense moulds you into a better person.

2. It works on your balance

Let’s face it, some of us can’t do two activities at the same time for e.g. chewing gum while walking; these types of classes helps you in building balance, including the ability to do two things at once without falling over. As we all are well aware that improving your balance also means improving focus. Karate and self-defense lessons teach you how to precisely focus on your target while having proper control of your body. Without balance, it is almost next to impossible to fight.

3. It helps develop self-discipline

“The only discipline that lasts is the self-discipline.” -Bum Phillips. In order to learn and grow with your self-defense abilities, you have to develop self-discipline in you. You have to be motivated and dedicate yourself to the practice. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones, you have to keep on practicing the self-defense skills. Taking self-defense classes will get you focused on your personal protection and on your surroundings. Self-defence is like any other sport; you can’t get better at it if you don’t practice it.

4. It helps improve your physical conditioning

Throughout learning self-defense, you can maintain your muscle and endurance by practicing along with other exercise activities. Naturally, by self- defense your overall fitness will enhance. An intense warm-up to get your adrenaline pumping, followed by so many fitness techniques, will definitely improve your overall body condition while teaching you important self-defense techniques. As we all know women usually have stronger lower bodies than most men; most self-defense classes focus on utilizing this statistic to help women learn to use their lower bodies so they can effectively overcome their potential attackers.

5. It improves your street awareness

Self-defense classes will enhance your awareness power; it makes you so much capable that your alertness level always is on high. You never planned to be attacked but the attacker is the one who comes up with the plan. Self-defense classes will help you to be aware all the time about your surroundings.

6. It teaches you self-respect

Training in self-defense (Karate and many other techniques) helps people, especially women, develop more confidence in themselves and their surroundings. Many self-defense practices are centered on trust as well as respect; it teaches how to respect each other and ourselves, as well. When you practice your self-defense moves with a partner, there is a need for mutual trust between the two of you as not to hurt each other but still practice well.

7. It helps to develop a warrior spirit

We hear news about the growing number of crimes occurring around us on a daily basis and we are well aware how terrible it can be. Learning self-defense will help you develop a sort of warrior spirit and will prepare you for battle and, most importantly, survival. If you are attacked and having self- defense on your side will help you prevent that from happening.

8. It helps you develop a fighter’s reflex

In a fight, the movement is parallel to power. You are not supposed to stand around and wait for your attacker’s next strike; moving and instinctual reactions are of paramount importance. Self-defense classes will help you to develop your reflexes and gain a fighter’s reflex, which will allow you to move quickly and strategically in such a situation. It will make you prepare as where to step and where to throw your punch.

9. It will help you with goal setting

Self- defense classes will help you in goal setting. Whether to be better at the specific move or want to work hard to feel like you can protect yourself, you are setting a goal. Lessons help you develop a drive that you may not have had before. We advise you to take your goal setting seriously while taking self defense classes. It will help you in your everyday life to go past any tough situation that comes your way.

10. It has a positive influence on your life

Unlike a lot of things in life, taking self- defense classes will always have a positive influence on your life. Each one of the reasons mentioned above is the definite proof of this. Taking self- defense classes can boost your spirits, make you a more confident person and help you to be the better version of yourself.

So, don’t wait and go for it! Learn self-defense and defend yourself in serious and challenging situations.

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