10 Best Travel Hacks That Will Save You Money On Your Next Trip

With so many places to choose from, organising a trip can get quite overwhelming. And think about all the expenses. Planning a budget-friendly trip is seriously an art. Every place comes with its own kind of charm and to enjoy it in a pocket friendly budget can be handy with these below mentioned travel hacks.

Here we have put together a list of travel hacks for your next trip:

1. Go off-season: Avoid the peak holiday months of June, July and August when prices are hiked and tourists take over the place. You’ll likely be wasting most of the day waiting in tiring queues. Also avoid summer for the reason that locals fly out for their own holidays and without the essential locals your trip will lack the authentic feel. Early Spring and Fall are the best time to enjoy with a travel date.

2. Spend smart: Glitzy restaurants and shops on the main (tourist) roads mainly have their prices marked up for travelers. Stay off the main road and explore the smaller shops or places. They tend to be cheaper and plus travelling is all about getting to know an insight of a place.

3. Stay in city centre: Stay in a moderate hotel in or near the city centre. That way you would not be faced with the hassle of transportation and can just walk to almost all the places of interest, restaurants and bars.

4. Meet local/s: Try to mingle with the locals and spend some quality time with them. Visit a good restaurant, bar or someplace to groove the night away. Trust me, no matter what amount of internet research you do, a local can still show you better insight of a city.

5. Get off the beaten path: Exploring hotspots is too cliche these days, so it would be a good decision to explore the lesser known and hidden gems of a place.

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6. Free museum entry: Most of the museums have free entry on particular days. Try to plan accordingly. It’s a great way to save some extra.

7. Use free Wi-Fi: Most of the libraries have free Wi-Fi and computers that you can use for free. If you’re just looking to connect to your friends and family back home, just run to a library or McDonald’s. There is free Wi-Fi literally everywhere.

8. Advanced booking: Book your train or flight in advance as there’s a chance you’ll be paying only half the price. And use apps like Oyo rooms, Trivago etc. to book your hotel at discount or best rates.

9. Use Budget Airlines: Every place has plenty of super-saver airlines that fly between cities at really low ticket costs. You’ll be surprised that some are even cheaper than trains depending on the distance.

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Pack your bags and fly away.

Image Courtesy: The Motiverge/Xoxo Tours


Kishore Beniwal, CEO @JustDotJobs & @XoxoTours

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